Wicked Lasers – Executive Series Review

executive_series-laserWe recently received a Green Laser Pointer from Wicked Lasers to review. The laser we received was the Executive Series Fusion model which has a power rating of 125mW which makes the beam incredibly bright. Lets take a closer look – but not too close as this pen burns.

To give you an idea of how bright 125mW actually is you can compare it to a regular red laser pen you buy for about £10. Those types of laser are rated at about 5mW.

The Executive Series laser is constructed from premium imported laser diodes that are extremely powerful. With having this type of power, the laser is capable of firing a small dot at very long distances measuring well in to the miles. Also the power of the diodes allows for the beam to stay small and focussed.

Powered by two regular AAA batteries it is easy to find (or charge) some up in no time and be using it right away.

Wicked Lasers Executive Series Features

Name: Executive Series
Size: 13x144mm
Wavelength: 532nm
Laser Body: Black Polished Brass
Transverse Mode: TEM00
Output Power: 15mW – 125mW
Beam Divergence: 0.8mRad – 1.0mRad
Beam Diameter: 1.6mm
Power Consumption: 600mA
Power supply: 2 X AAA 1.5V
Battery Lifetime: 90 min
Switch: Momentary On / Off Button
Duty Cycle: 100 seconds on / 10 seconds off
Expected lifetime: >5,000 hours
Warranty: 3 months

As I have mentioned a few times already, this laser pen is VERY powerful. The 125mW version we tested is capable of popping dark balloons, burning through thin black plastic bags, burning skin to name a few. You may be wondering why you need a laser pen so bright and I actually wonder this my self. For presentations it is just far too powerful and would be next to impossible to look at the powerpoint presentation with this shining at the screen. According to Wicked Lasers one main use is just for fun. I have to admit it’s just addictive to create this green beam and see everybody turn to watch in amazement. Practical uses are star gazing (pointing out a star to a friend), military use such as pointing at targets, search and rescue operations and in some countries they have medical uses.

Overall I cannot fault this laser pen. From the executive style packaging to the weight and quality of the laser pen build, it just oozes quality and never ceases to impress people. If you are out looking for a new laser pen then go check them out over at wicked lasers.

Product Reviewed – Executive Series Laser Pen 125mW – $399.99 at time of review.

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