Blockbuster to Stream Movies

blockbusterIt seems like Blockbuster are going to be streaming movies direct to your TV in the not to distant future. The reason for this is the slowing down of movie rentals recently. To achieve the streaming service a special set-top box will be used which allows you to browse through there catalogue and then click for instant viewing.

As it stands now, the service will only be made available at first in the US but other countries will no doubt follow suit. The cost of the service looks to be $99/month which includes a free set top box and allows up to 25 films to be rented. The box also is capable of allowing you to pause the action in a movie and carry on watching it later. No HD titles have been confirmed which could possibly be a bandwidth or server overhead issue.

I do hope there are more pricing options that do make this worth it as I for one do not have time to watch 25 movies in a month and would have no need or no money to get that package deal.

Via: Gizmodo UK

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