Twin Mount Windscreen Holder

twin-mount-windshield-holderDrive down any road or motorway in the UK and you will see many vehicles have a TomTom or other satnav device stuck to their windscreen. Now that we all have a number of little devices to carry around a company has made a Twin Mount Windscreen Holder for you to put TomTom and your mobile phone in to it.

In my opinion it’s a crazy device as adding another distraction of a phone to your view is just asking for trouble. I can see why a single mount is good because a satnav can help with road safety as your not faffing about not knowing where to go anymore… but to throw a mobile phone mount along side it… why??? I don’t get it or get the need for it. When your driving you should be doing just that. Anyway, it costs $25.99 and is available from USBFever.

Via: RedFerret

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