iPhone Extended Battery

iphone-extended-batteryA number of iPhone battery problems have been voiced across the web. If you are not happy with the battery time you get on your iPhone 3G handset then this extender could be an option for you. This extended battery has a 2400 mAh capacity but unfortunately, it will add an element of ugliness to your iPhone.

The battery extender only comes available in black and no matter what way you look at it, this thing does make your iPhone look ugly. It is a good option for those who need the extended battery life while on the road but for me… I’d rather just charge it up in the car or anywhere where I can.


The iPhone 3G Extended Battery costs $43.99.


– Perfectly fit for your iPhone 3G
– Recharge your iPhone in a convenient way
– Still access to key buttons and ports.
– LED indicator when power is on
– On / Off Buttons
– With a built-in Speaker
– Volume Controls for the built-in Speaker
– You can still have it for Photo-taking (still can use your camera).
– Compatible with iPhone 3G


– Input Voltage: 4.8V ~ 5.5V
– Current Input: 500-1000mA
– Voltage Output: 5.0 ~ 5.5V
– Current Output: 100-1000mA
– Capacity: 2400mAh
– Li-ion battery
– Charging Time: around 3 hours
– Discharging Time: round 3 hours.
– Power of Amplifier Speaker: < =1.5W

Package Includes:
– Portable Power Station for iPhone 3G x 1

iPhone Extended Battery Notes

– For iPhone 3G only.
– The speaker is both for call and music, but still recommended for call only.
– You may press and hold still the ON/OFF button to turn the Battery off, but in case you would like to turn it on to charge your iPhone 3G, you may need to take your iPhone 3G out and put it back again.
– If you want to rejuice (charge up) the battery, you need to take the iPhone 3G out of the battery.
– You cannot sync your iPhone with your computer thru the battery.

Product Page Via: GearDiary


  1. Luis castaneda says

    I have 3gs iPhone . Will work? Thanks…

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