iPod Dock – Phonofone II

ipod-dockThis iPod dock mixes today’s technology with really old technology. The iPod dock is named the Phonofone II which is a limited edition made in Black. Only 200 of these devices are being made.

No external power is needed as it uses the horn of the device to create 55 decibels of sound purely on the power of the iPod. However, the iPod Nano or iPod Shuffle are not quite powerful enough to power it and if you plan to use these with the Phonofone II then you will need an inline amplifier for your headphones.

If you are one of the 200 lucky people to get a hold of one of these then it will cost you $600.

Via: SlipperyBrick


  1. Champions in the workplace says

    Is this going to be available in Canada?

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