Modular Multi-Touch LCD Screen

multitouch-displaySince Apple launched the iPhone with it’s amazing multi-touch screen, the world has become more familiar with what multi touch actually does. A company named MultiTouch specialises in multi-touch displays and they have now created an LCD screen that is modular.

With the screens being modular it allows many screens to be connected together to act as one larger screen. Dozens of these screens can be fastened together to create full walls of multi-touch displays. Each screen is either 32″ or 46″ in size and both are full HD too. The cells can be put in landscape, portrait or put down flat to act as a table.

multitouch-lines-two-cellsMuitiTouch say that these screens are good for 50000 hours of use (rather then the 3000 hours for projector based screens). This is due to using LCD screens rather then projector based like others. The modules can be connected how the user wishes and each module accepts HDMI, FireWire and has USB ports. Connectivity to a Windows based computers as well as Mac and Linux is possible. The screens can then be configured to work as one large screen or individual screens.

The cost… A MultiTouch module in the 46″ range will cost you about $16000 which comes with a Linux PC to run software. If you opt for just the screen then you will be paying $14700. For the smaller 32″ displays you can expect to pay $8300 for the screen and PC and this drops to $7200 for just the screen.

Via: BornRich and TechCrunch

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