Tikitag – RFID Tag

tikitag-rfidThe Tikitag is an RFID system where you can tag just about anything. The idea is that you tag various objects such as business cards and each tag can be programmed with a website address, application or your own contact details. Public beta testing is expected to start this month. It is expected that some will use it to store all their social media contact details on business cards so that when they pass it around there are a number of ways that can show up to contact that user.

The RFID cards come in packs of 25 and a reader will cost you $50. If the service becomes well used by many then you could see this little tags attached to products in store allowing you to scan the tag and get more details about the product online.

Product Page Via: SlashGear


  1. nobrainerdeals says

    I hope this helps bring down the cost of RFIDs so small business like mine will be able to use them.

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