USB Wifi Adapter – Security Made Easy

asususb-n11wirelessWireless networks open up a whole bunch of security issues for individuals and businesses. If security is not addressed then someday, you could have data stolen right from your computer with out realising it. This pre configured USB Wireless adapter attempts to tackle this problem by making things secure straight out of the box.

The device is named the EZLink and is built by Asus. Securing the network is simple. You push a button on your wireless router, and one on the USB wireless adapter and the network is then secured. Alternatively you have the option of using a PIN which is located on each device.

For some people, a wireless network is easy to set up. However, for most, it is a very difficult task and some are worried that any changes will literally break something. These new adapters should make life and security a lot more simple for those people. I welcome technology like this!

The N11 adapter can transmit and receive data up to speeds of 150Mbps as it falls under the 802.11n Draft specifications. Prices should be available soon.

Via: OhGizmo

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