Move over Scooba – RC Floor Cleaner

rcmopCleaning floors has never been something that I actually enjoy, hence the reason I went and got my self an iRobot Roomba so I could vac the floor with just the push of a button. I could continue my lazyness by getting an iRobot Scooba to wash the kitchen floor, but this RC floor cleaner looks more interesting to me.

The guys over at Evil Mad Scientist have created an RC car with a mop attached to the front. It’s a very simple mod that almost anybody could made and could actually make cleaning the kitchen and bathroom floors quite fun. The RC car can be any standard car and then all you need is some unprinted circuit board to attach a mop to. Then you grab the controls and your set!

Via: SlipperyBrick and EvilMadScientist


  1. Electronic Gadgets says

    I can hear it already: “But honey, I bought it for you. I was only thinking of making your life easier.”

  2. Haha. I have a few friends who would say exactly that!

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