Verbarius Clock – A Simple Clock

verbarius_clockThe Verbarius clock makes telling time simple. It’s the exact opposite of Tokyo Flash watches which require a degree in maths to tell the time. The Verbarius simply tells you what time it is like “midnight” or “four-forty-five”. All you need is the capability to read. If you fancy something a little more complicated then you can opt to choose for 4 other languages that are built in, or upload your own Eskimoan or similar language via a built in USB port.

If the power fails then the clock stays active thanks to a battery backup which is good for those who need to be at work on time and cannot be late just the once! The Verbarius requires a regular power source ranging from 110 to 220 volts which is standard across many parts of the world.

Not a bad little clock although the $221.88 price tag might have you think otherwise.

Product Page Via: ShinyShiny

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