Full Motion Formula Simulator

f1-simulator-datenblatt1I came across a cool simulator today which gives a far better formula 1 experience. Just looking at it working kind of shows it’s far from being just a simulator. The Full Motion Formula Simulator has a good number of features to make the whole gaming experience that little bit better. For starters the whole full scale formula 1 car is mounted on a hydraulic unit which provides three dimensional movements. Also you will find an integrated body-shaker, adjustable pedal system, removable steering wheel, force feedback technology.

If you fancy having this in your home then you need plenty of space (and power) to let this thing work. It requires a minimum of 8 x 4 meters with 380V of power (not a standard 240V plug) and a minimum of a 2.6m opening so it will fit through a door.

For more details on the Full Motion Formula Simulator check out formel1 simulator vermietung.

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