Samsung TL9 with Analog Gauges

samsung-tl9The TL9 is a camera built by Samsung which also is capable of MP3 playback and PMP functionality. The most unique feature of this camera has to be the dual analog gauges which represent battery life and memory usage. The analog features add a different touch to this camera and sets it aside from other cameras a little. Analog gauges are not ground breaking technology, but with them being visible all the time it’s easy to see what your camera has left in it.

The camera has a 10 megapixel CCD, a 5 x optical zoom lens and Dual Image Stabilization. The camera achieves stable images by using two advanced methods. The first is named OIS meaning “optical image stabilization” and DIS meaning “digital image stabilization”. Mixed together a clean image can be captured each time.

The screen, which can also display movies, measures 2.7 inch allowing for clear viewing of either a picture being taken or the movies you are watching. One last really funky feature I want to mention is the Smile Shot feature which scans for smiles on peoples faces. It will not take the picture till everyone’s teeth are shining brightly! Also blink protection which doesn’t take a picture if someone is blinking can be found in this camera.

The body of the camera is slim, metal and looks to be quite simple in design. Overall it’s a nice looking camera which currently costs $279.99 over at Amazon.

Product Page Via: LikeCool


  1. Electronic Gadgets says

    Nice for a retro camera feel even if it’s wider and heavier than most cameras these days.

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