Otokinoko Binaural Microphone has Ears

otokinoko-microphone-shaped-like-human-headWhen recording sound, the aim of the game is to get the most realistic sounds possible so that the listener cannot tell the difference between the real thing and the audio sound. Otokinoko have created a unique microphone which is shaped like a human head, and it has two ears.

The reason for the ears and head is because that is how we hear live sounds. With the layout and ears being identical to the human head, you get a more realistic live recording (according to kilian nakamura) and I can believe that too. Ears are shaped the way they are for a purpose, and that is to channel the sound waves in to your head which then get picked up as noise. By copying this standard layout that has been around since man’s existence, you no doubt get the best quality as close to the real thing as you can get.

Although a bit steep in price and apart from looking a bit crazy they do appear to be a good step for those in search of perfection. Costing just shy of $3900 you need to pick up some of these 😉

Via: TechChee

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