Sens Phone Concept

Sens PhoneThe Sens phone is a concept idea which was designed by Takumi Yoshida. It is different to most other cell phones in that it has no screen.

The majority, if not all phones, come with a screen and these days it’s seems that the larger the screen the better. However, there are a number of people who have no need for a screen due to being partially sited, or being blind. For the partially sited who cannot read from a screen, this phone has a blue bar down the sides which light up and convey different messages through a series of flashes. You will have noticed 1 or 2 dimples on the number 5 key on all of your phones. This phone features a larger bump on the number 5 key with the edges of the other keys being slightly raised to help those who cannot see be able to still make use of this mobile phone.

I like the idea although there is no news of this product moving beyond concept at the moment.

Via: Yanko Design

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