Monopoly – Google Style

googolopolyWe have very little information on Googolopoly and do not know who created it. It’s a great and fun idea though which takes the popular Monopoly board game and changes it to use Google and other popular web properties as the playing squares. In the middle instead of having the “Chance” cards you see “I’m Feeling Lucky” cards.

On to the actual game, the idea is to buy popular internet properties which appear to be ranked with the highest value ones on Mayfair while the cheaper ones are on Old Kent Road. Your task is to buy them and instead of building hotels, you need to build servers, get developers and make your money that way.

Nice idea! Not sure if it will ever exist though.

Via: LikeCool


  1. onlinegamelounge says

    “Instead of chance cards, it’s ‘I’m feelin’ lucky'”. Had to creak up on that one. Exellent concept whoever developed it.:)

  2. Ha Ha thats brilliant, I would definitely buy this if it went on sale.

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