VibeVault iPod Case

vibevaultYesterday we posted about an insanely expensive iPod Touch case. If $227 is too much for you to buy an iPod case then this alternative might be the better option. The VibeVault costs a lot less at $45.

Several versions of this case are available which will fit a number of iPod models including iPod Touch, Nanos, 5th Gen 30/60/80GB, Classic 80/160GB. The face of the case is made from polycarbonate which protects the screen from scratching and the rest of the vault keeps the case of the iPod scratch free also. The VibeVault fastens around the iPod and fastens in to place with 8 screws keeping it securely in there.

The Facts

* Adds less than a quarters’ thickness to the front and back of your iPod.
* Preserves access to all functions- ‘no restrictions
* Designed for users, by users.
* Concept driven design
* Weighs less than 4oz
* Type II Anodizing

The Benefits

* Superior Protection.
* Looks and Feels good.
* Preservation of sleekness.
* Visual and Tangible quality.
* Confidently take your iPod¢ everywhere.
* Scratch resistant, rich coloring and a lifelong shine.

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  1. I have one of these cases and I could not be happier! It protects my ipod from anything. I would describe it at bullet proof! Also, the price is much better than that other case! Better quality too!

  2. i would like to get one of those case for my ipod

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