Robometer Senses your Happiness

robometer_senses_happinessThe Robometer is a device you wear on your wrist along with a couple of sensors attached to your fingers. What the device does is measure how happy you are by taking several readings from you. Accelerometers are built in to measure movement and a voice sensor is built in to read repetitive words. Not only does it measure movement and voice, there is another sensor which measures galvanic skin response which basically means it takes a measurement of the tenseness of your skin.

A mixture of all these readings then displays on the dot matrix display which represents your happiness. If you are sad then a reminder of what makes you happy will be made visual so that you never forget those happy moments.

How bizarre! Surely people know what and what doesn’t make them happy. I would be interested in trying it out just for fun though!

Via: SlipperyBrick

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