Will this bring the Hula Hoop back in?

led_hula_hoopMost people will have tried using a Hula Hoop. It was probably back in the early 80’s I last attempted and have no desire to try again. This doesn’t stop me wanting to mention this funky hula hoop though. The latest Hula Hoop now is packed with LED’s to make a crazy light show while the hoop is spinning.

The LED Hula Hoop has 18 super bright LED’s embedded inside which are powered by a battery pack that provides 8 – 10 hours of hooping. A number of those LED’s actually change colour while some are fixed colours. The result is what you see above which is a vast array of colours spinning around you.

The Hula Hoop is available over at Etsy and made by Schlabein at a cost of $195.

Via: Technabob

If you want to make your own the Instructables have a step by step guide to building one for about $15.

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