USB Memory Card Unlock

usb-memory-card-unlockIf you have password protected your mobile phones memory card, but unfortunately forgotten the password then this gadget is for you. The USB memory card unlock device allows you to recover your memory card once protected and lost. One thing to remember is that it will not recover data, but just simply allow you to reuse the card once the password is lost.

A variety of memory cards can be unlocked with the unlocker including SD, Mini SD, Micro SD, SDHC and MMC.

I must admit that after reading the product review, I am left a little baffled (maybe old-ish age?) because I have never seen an option to password protect a memory card on a mobile phone. I have seen encryption options in Windows Mobile and I have seen SIM password locks for SIM cards, but I have never owned a phone where I can password protect the card. I assume that because this device has been created then every other phone which I haven’t owned must have this capability :S

Either way, if you find your self in this password conundrum then you can pick one of these unlockers up for just $16 from USBFever.

Via: TechChee


  1. how much

    • price of the unlocker in india at raipur cg the price is 210 Rs. only i have one but i think it is deffictive pice it isn’t work right now it is better that u check the divice then buy one …

  2. naeembabakheil says

    i am from Pakistan how can i unlock my Micro SD Memory Card used in Nokia 6500 slide. can i use this device to unlock all mobile memory cards

  3. Anonymous says

    i have the unlock gadget but its not working, when i insert it in my usb port nothin happens

  4. Dziekan_tek says

    Works for me. I’ve bought it on eBay ($6.99) from user mixtea.
    Using this device I’ve unlocked 2 GB microSD SanDisk Card today 🙂

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