PhotoTrackr Pro – GPS Picture Tracking

phototrackr_proWhen taking pictures, you often do not remember exactly where the picture was taken. Should you want to revisit that location, or find it on a map, you will probably find you have no chance of knowing. The PhotoTrackr Pro is a GPS device which tracks the exact longitude and latitude where the picture was taken.

This method for noting where pictures were taken is called GeoTagging which tags your images with those exact co-ordinates. The device is pager sized which can easily be carried around. All you need to do is power it on, throw it in your bag and snap away. The way the pictures are synced with locations is by comparing time stamps on the camera and GPS device.


* Track when and where you took each picture with Google Earth
* Supports all digital cameras that record date and time stamps
* 4MB flash memory, 250k data records, 40 days of normal usage
* 16 channel GPS, -152dBm sensitivity
* 45 second cold-start, 38 sec. warm start, 6 sec. hot start
* Supports RAW, JPG tagging
* built-in antenna, external MMCX antenna port
* 32 hour battery life
* 1100mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery
* 5m accuracy
* Tethered GPS mode
* Windows XP, Vista compatible – Mac OS X version coming soon!

The PhotoTrackr Pro costs $119.


  1. Matthew says

    I don’t think it is different. It’s just another option for those in the market for this type of gadget.

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