Steak Branding Iron

steak_branding_ironThe time of year has arrived where BBQ’s are lit up in the garden while the sun is shining. If you like to throw a steak on the BBQ then pick up one of these branding irons. Each Iron comes with 52 high temperature branding letters to make up your own words to brand on to a steak.

What this allows you to do is either put your name, or anything else on to each of the steaks you are cooking on the BBQ and personalise each steak for each visitor that arrives. It’s not really got much of a point, but I love the idea. Once the letters are put together you heat it up and use the 16″ long handle to stamp your mark on your steak. The whole iron is cast iron and flame resistant allowing usage over and over through the summer months.

The Branding Iron costs $25.99 from Amazon.

Via: Fosfor

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