Wolfenstein Turns 16

WolfensteinI remember playing Wolfenstein on the college computers back in the early 1990’s. The 3D graphics and smooth scrolling were just amazing! I got a quick reminder of how long ago that was just now when I stumbled across OhGizmo who were wishing the game a Happy Birthday for being 16 years old yesterday. How time flies!!

Wolfenstein was not the first FPS game to be made, but due to shareware it was quickly copied all around the world, except Germany where it was apparently banned. Wolfenstein paved the way for a number of amazing games which came from companies like ID. If you remember playing the game back in the early 90’s then check out the flashed based version below. Maybe you might get real sound if you just had a PC speaker back in the days because of not being rich enough to have a Gravis Ultrasound or Soundblaster sound card in your PC.

Flash Based Version Via: OhGizmo

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