3500 Watts from this Solar Charger

Power is the essential ingredient of many peoples lives. With out it, most of the daily essentials that we have become so used to, just stop working. When this happens you can sit around and wait, or hook up with a PowerCube 600. The powercube 600 is portable (although far from pocket sized), weighs 2000 pounds and measures 72 x 124 x 50 inches.

The PowerCube 600 pumps out 600 watts of power which is enough to power a few items. The system is perfectly suitable for remote locations where getting power is difficult. Other situations where this device could be useful is where power sources are not reliable enough. The PowerCube 600 would serve as a nice backup in this situation. While not in use, it just sits there soaking up the sun and charging it’s internal batteries ready for when needed.

When added to your home the PowerCube 600 could lower electricity bills by powering lights around the home so that your electricity company doesn’t get the benefits.

If 600 watts just doesn’t cut it for you then the device can be daisy chained to others to give out a stronger power source.

Via: Geeky Gadgets Solar Charger

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  1. portable solar generator says

    I’m a great fan of solar appliances though I’m waiting for a huge cost reduction. It is great to see this industry developing and providing clean solutions for generating power and energy.

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