HP 2133 Review

The 2133 from HP has made it’s way to reviewers for the first time. Notebooks.com managed to get their hands on a review unit and the results are good! Two versions will be released with price points of $749 for the higher spec dropping down to $550 for a lower spec machine.

The only problems mentioned were that the screen doesn’t open all the way back which sometimes makes it awkward for those taller people to view the screen correctly. Also, it gets a tad hot under the hood which forces the fans to be running most of the time.

Apart from those few gripes, the HP 2133 review went well.

Common specs

* 7 Display, 1280×768 resolution
* Ethernet Port
* 2x USB 2.0 ports
* VGA Out
* ExpressCard
* SD Slot
* Wifi Adapter
* External DVD drive (optional)


* 1.0Ghz CPU (Via)
* 512 MB RAM
* 4GB of Flash storage
* Linux


* 1.2Ghz CPU (Via)
* 120GB Hard Drive
* Linux


* 1.2Ghz CPU (Via)
* 120GB Hard Drive
* Windows Vista Home (or XP+Vista)


* 1.6Ghz CPU
* 120GB Hard Drive
* Windows Vista Home (or XP+Vista)

Full Review Via: UberGizmo


  1. Petr Buben says

    does this HP 2133 have camera ? com on?!

  2. From what I can fine, it does have a built in VGA camera on the lowest spec model and upwards (all models). I am not sure why it wasn’t listed above on the specs.

  3. i got one, but i dont no how to use the camera.can any1 tell me how to use the camera?

  4. I got one which was Linux and i found that the camera does not work on it. However, i have taken out linux and installed Windows xp which works perfectly including the audio and camera. The camera is quite good quality eventhough it is a 0,3mp camera compared to the toshiba nb100. though the screen size is 8.9″ the full laptop size is less than 10.5″ width and 7″ height and a little over then 1″ depth. Considering its measurements it has a good size keyboard compared to toshiba nb100 as my brother has bigger fingers then me, this laptop is ideal for him.

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