Triforce Touch Screen Pointer

If you carry around a mobile phone or PDA with a touch screen then you will be aware of how fiddly a stylus can be in some situations. Sometimes it just isn’t practical to whip out the little pen to start tapping away on the small links and scroll bars of the screen. The Triforce is an alternative to the stylus and from first impressions, it looks like a wrist strap with a pointy corner which use use to tap the screen with. There is little information on the Triforce to say if I am write or wrong with that assumption. Either way, it’s a brilliant looking and simple PDA add-on which will come in handy for many people. There is no information on pricing yet, but we do know it will ship to 50 countries this month.


* It is steady in the hand and cannot be mislaid or lost.
* The pointer is always within easy reach and re-aligns to its correct position.
* The ergonomic design and performance allows comfortable use by hand without having to exert excess pressure.
* Extremely durable won’t break.
* Frictionless and soft against the screen to prevent scratches.
* It’s safe to keep in your pocket, can’t cause damage to clothing or person.
* Gives easy access to your device by pulling the strap, and prevents you from dropping the device.
* Can be designed to go with all types of devices from strictly business to hip hop.
* Good for marketing and an effective promotional product.

Product Page Via: GeekAlerts – Triforce Touch Screen Pointer

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