Digital Wireless Child Tracker

Keeping an eye on your children at all times when out is essential for their safety. This digital wireless child tracker provides another step in helping keep your children safe. The tracker features an out of range alarm, LED’s that light up and point in the direction of your child, capability to monitor up to 4 children when extra watches are purchased and a beep which indicates the proximity of your child.

The Digital Wireless Child Tracker costs bizarrely slightly more in the sale then the regular price of $120.95. Maybe you need to wait for the sale to end to get it cheaper 😉

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  1. I found this same tracker at heartland america for $100. I purchased the product and I love it! Does anyone know where I can get a second wrist tracker?

  2. Nuno Tavares says

    Hi there!

    Tell me, can i get this in Portugal?

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