Touch Screen Digital Door Lock – Warns of Fire

The Luce by Samsung is a one of a kind door lock which has an integrated touch screen. The touch screen pad stays black until you press the start button. One that button is hit the lights switch on and the numbers are then made visible on the screen. The touch screen is covered in tempered glass to protect it.

As well as looking rather fancy, kind of like the iPhone of door locks, the digital door lock (SHS-5200) is just 2.1cm thick which makes it easy to integrate on to any door and yet, still look rather swish.

The other unique feature of this door lock is the heat sensor which detects when the temperature hits 55 degrees C and sounds a fire alarm.

No prices are available yet for the Luce, but with the design built around US standards it should be heading over that way shortly.

Via: TechEBlog and Aving

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