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The Original Stylophone

The Stylophone was commonly seen with Rolph Harris back in the days when he was on TV more. It’s a bizarre instrument which acts as an electric organ in your pocket. In the 70’s about 3 million of these little organs were sold. The Stylophone is battery operated and packed full of circuitry from transistors, resistors, diodes and other stuff. When you press the stylus against a metal key it makes a unique noise.

The new version now has a volume control which is good to hear. Also, you can hook it up to your MP3 player and play along to your music tracks.

The Stylophone costs £14.95 from Firebox.

Cassette to MP3 Converter

While recently cleaning through old junk I came across a number of cassette tapes which I had in the late 80’s and 90’s before I got my first Disc Man. I actually chucked them out thinking I’d never use them again. If I would have come across this device earlier, I might have hung on to them a little longer. The Cassette To MP3 converter is a device which you put your old cassettes in and it converts them to MP3 quick and easily. It attaches to a PC with a USB cable and the device includes the software needed for conversion. The software is used for conversion and breaking up the audio stream in to separate tracks. Noise reduction settings as well as the ability to play metal/CrO2 tapes is also included. The last cool feature is the ability to use the good old high speed dubbing which means you can convert the tracks far further while listening to the music chirp away at speeds several times faster then normal.

The Cassette to MP3 Converter costs $149.95.

Steampunk Painted Nerf Maverick Gun

Steampunk Painted Maverick
A Nerf Maverick gun has been painted to have a worn Steampunk look. Inside it you will get 6 foam bullets which the gun can fire accurately, or as accurately as a foam bullet can be.

It costs $30 and was made by curiositykt over at Etsy.

Steampunk Painted Maverick Nerf

Belkin USB Hub

Belkin Travel Hub
This little Hub comes from Belkin and is the ideal travel hub for your laptop. The key feature is it’s ability to rotate around on a hinge making it more compact, but still opening up the USB port on your laptop to allow for 4 devices to be connected easily.

Product Page Via: GadgetsPage

Mini USB Digital Camera with no LCD

This concept mini digital camera tries to take photography back a few years, but bring it to now at the same time. It is a small USB flash drive with a camera built in and it just has 1 button. There is no LCD on the back and there is no view finder. The whole purpose of the camera is to just have you point, shoot and then have to wait till you are back at your PC to see the results which is just like the waiting time to get pictures developed.

It’s not the best idea I have come across, but I can see it as doing quite well should it become available. If the cameras are cheap enough (< $10) then they would make ideal little cameras to take around while out and about so you can snap away, but not worry about it getting damaged. USB-Digital-Camera View Finder

Via: LikeCool and YankoDesign

Buffalo Keyboard with built in Skype Phone

The Buffalo keyboard features a phone attached to the right hand side of the keyboard. It allows everything you need to communicate be right there with you. For some reason it reminds me of something Dr. Evil would have on his desk, although looking at the size of the actual handset, it’s probably something he has mini-me use.

When the BKBU-SKJ109/SV (Long way of saying Skype keyboard) is released in Japan it will cost $65. The phone is Skype certified and just requires a small piece of software to communicate with the Skype software on your computer.

Via: SkypeBot

Solar Powered Nintendo Emulator

This Solar Powered device is an MP4 player, but it also has the ability to play NES, Famicom (Super Nintendo), Game Boy and Game Boy Colour games. The SD slot can take up to 2GB of memory which you can store data on for audio or video in MP3, MP4 and other common formats. The solar panel can be used to charge other devices such as a mobile phone with it’s USB out connection. 4.5V – 9V devices can be connected up. The screen is 3.5 inch colour TFT which is a fairly decent size that can display 1.6 million colours.

Product Page ($123) Via: LikeCool

500XL iPod Speakers are Massive

500xl iPod Speakers
The small white iPod earphones can be seen all over the place. If you find them a little too small then you could go for these new versions which are 500 times the size of the original and can be used as speakers for your desktop PC or as speakers for your MP3 player if you so wish. The 500XL speakers include a built in amp and have the ability to be powered by batteries, USB or DC.

No price or details on availability yet though.

Via: UberReview

Pocket Protector

This updated pocket protector can hold allsorts of items from a laser pen to an MP3 player. It comes with a 36″ nylon breakaway lanyard to wear around your neck and comes with a bunch of geeky stickers.

Would anyone actually buy this even when it costs only $5? I doubt it.

Via: TechPuddle

Turntable Watch

The Turntable Watch is designed to look like a Technics 1200 turntable. The clock hands rotate to turn the time, but unfortunately you cannot scratch mini records on it. The Turntable watch comes in a cool case too which looks like a miniature flight case. It costs just $59 and is available from TurntableLab.


Via: Technabob

Phone used as a 3D Mouse

By using Bluetooth, a mobile phone and it’s built in camera, developers have created a cool 3D mouse type application. It works kind of like a Wii remote control, although it uses no accelerometers which means it needs to use the video from the camera to work out what needs to be done. To interact with the computer you move the phone around or rotate it in front of the screen. You can interact with objects by clicking a button on the phone when the camera is pointing at it.

Tests indicate that it does work ok, although I think I would prefer to stick to my mouse right now unless they can convince me otherwise. It just seems a bit too fidgety trying to set it all up and hold your phone in the air.

Via: TechLivez

Nintendo Power Glove a Fashion Accessory?

When dressing up for the weekend I bet the last thing on your mind is “I better not forget my power glove”. Well, looking at the above shop window shot it seems like the Power Glove is now “in”.

Via: GeekSugar