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R2D2 Ring – Very Unique

R2D2 Ring
This ring is certainly one of a kind. It features a bizarre mixture of a size 6 ring, metal wire, a love heart and R2D2 from Starwars. I personally do not get the connection but I am sure someone will snap up this one time offer over at Etsy.

Via: 7Gadgets

Fuel Cell X7 Car

The Fuel Cell X7 is a car which comes in kit form ready for you to build it. The car is powered by hydrogen and makes a great science project. The fuel cell is the cool part which is capable of changing water in to Hydrogen which in turn powers the little car. It is available for $74.99 and ready for you to build out of the box.

Via: LikeCool

Phantom Mouse Saves your Job

The Motorcycle Air Bag will save your life in the way to the office and the Phantom mouse will save your job. If you are browsing the internet from your work PC and it’s against company policy you will find that if caught you might be out of a job. The Phantom mouse takes 1 step in a direction which might prevent that by introducing a small red button just below the scroll wheel. If your boss decides to walk your way you just hit the panic button and all the windows automatically hide.

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Motorcycle Air Bag

If you have a fear of crashing on your motor bike then this air bag jacket could fix that fear. It is called Hit Air jacket and attaches to your motorbike with a tether. If you happen to fly off your bike the jacket will inflate to protect your neck, chest, back, ribs and hips from getting any serious injury. It costs $410 and is available from a company named Hit-Air.

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iPod Translator for the Army and You

The iPod has become extremely popular since it’s launch and a number of accessories and other 3rd party things are made for it. The latest is the VCommunicator which is a very useful translation device which has an intuitive menu system which you can scroll through to translate various phrases in to another language. Connect it up to a loud speaker and entertain crowds of people also. Currently it is used by the army and assists them in communicating with foreign speakers they come across.

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MacBook Air Too Expensive?

MacBook Paper
Is the MacBook Air too expensive for you? If so then why not print yourself one of these “free” versions. It is named the MacBook Paper or really it could be a MacBook Notepad if you really wanted. I doubt you will get much thinner then this for the next few years!

The print out is available over at APCommunity and even allows you to print the sleeve out too if desired.

Found at: GearDiary

Tire Alignment Sensors

This wheel features electronic sensors which are embedded in to the tire. Information is collected from the sensors and fed back to a vehicle information system. That data is processed and the “tweel ribs” flex through wireless technology to cause the pressure to stay level across the tire. The idea is just in concept at the moment from the guys over at Yanko. If this technology was to be made it would have a number of uses such as longer wear on the tire and even the possibility to not have to rotate the wheels like we currently do now.

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$5000 to anyone who can fix HTC Tytn II Problems

Currently the good people over at XDA developers are offering $5199.51 to anyone who can create some drivers to fix a problem with the HTC TYTN II (Or Tilt, Vario etc..). The reason they are offering this amount is due to HTC confirming they will not be fixing the slow speeds on the Tytn II.

Our Kaisers currently lack drivers for hardware accelerated display functionality. A full set of these drivers would significantly speed up ALL drawing operations, including the user interfaces of normal applications, video playback, games and 3D rendering.

There are different parts to these drivers, namely for 2D (user interfaces, video, images) and 3D graphics (games). It is not yet sure even IF these drivers will be available soon, and if they are, which parts will be accelerated.

The plan, of course, is to provide a full set. Though this will most likely not include a speed up for the camera.

If you are an owner of a HTC Tytn II then go take a read of what’s happening over at XDA Developers.

OLED – LCD or Plasma?

Sound and Vision magazine have run a nice comparison of the strengths and weaknesses of OLED, LCD and Plasma screens. With all 3 types of screen being an option it does make you wonder which you want to purchase with your hard earned cash. CES which has just passed a few weeks ago had a lot of TV’s on display which tends to make the choice even more overwhelming.

OLED (organic light emitting diode) is fairly new to the TV scene. The most noticeable feature with OLED’s is the contrast. This is due to OLED being a self-emitting display technology which requires no back light. Each OLED pixel can be switched on as needed because the tiny cells respond instantly. Also OLED screens happen to be wafer thin too which is an added bonus as well as having a wide viewing angle like the plasma screens. Mix this with HDTV resolutions and the large screen and you are on to a winner. On the downside, screens are not that big yet and the prices are quite high. But with the screens only really appearing over the last year there is no doubt that prices will go down while screen sizes increase.

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Robotic Walking Chair

This chair costs ‚¬15K and puts it’s self in control of where you are sitting. It is a robotic walking chair which is built of steel tubes, plastic and is chrome plated. Built by designers Karl Emilio Pircher and Fidel Peugeot it makes for a crazy type of chair for your dining room table. Imagine having dinner with someone annoying and also having the ability to just push a button and have the chair take them away. Cool!

Via: SlipperyBrick

iPhone SIM Unlock Card

This SIM card according to Brando, can unlock an iPhone with a firmware no greater then 1.1.2. I am not sure if I believe it like a number of others, but I guess it could be possible. Anyone with a 1.1.2 or less firmware want to fork out $30 and test it?

Via: Slashgear

Apple Patent – Illuminated Touch Pad for Visual Feedback

Visual Touch Pad
A Patent for Apple was filed August last year and approved yesterday. The patent is for an Illuminated Touch Pad which appears that the light panel will be capable of emitting light in localized areas of the input surface. What this means is basically visual feed back which when you touch the scroll wheel on an iPod, the touch wheel will light up under your finger to visually show what just happened with the light actually following your finger around the dial. As well as the touch wheel being illuminated, the button in the middle will also light up too to show the actions on what it is doing.

Visual Touch Pad - Diag

Via: Patent Applications