Cassette to MP3 Converter

While recently cleaning through old junk I came across a number of cassette tapes which I had in the late 80’s and 90’s before I got my first Disc Man. I actually chucked them out thinking I’d never use them again. If I would have come across this device earlier, I might have hung on to them a little longer. The Cassette To MP3 converter is a device which you put your old cassettes in and it converts them to MP3 quick and easily. It attaches to a PC with a USB cable and the device includes the software needed for conversion. The software is used for conversion and breaking up the audio stream in to separate tracks. Noise reduction settings as well as the ability to play metal/CrO2 tapes is also included. The last cool feature is the ability to use the good old high speed dubbing which means you can convert the tracks far further while listening to the music chirp away at speeds several times faster then normal.

The Cassette to MP3 Converter costs $149.95.


  1. This is great, I just got one of these and i am the process of transferring all my old cassettes.

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