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Hidden Earpiece

This device is not one I would choose to use due to how it hides almost inside your ear. This particular device is a two-way micro earpiece which is practically invisible. It can connect to many mobile devices to receive the signals with the 2.5mm audio output. It costs $650 and would be good for security type operations where the user doesn’t mind the possibility of loosing it inside their head.

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Panasonic Strada PNS

Strada PNS
The Strada CN-MP50D was created by Panasonic and is a PNS (Portable Navigation System). Usually they are referred to as GPS devices. It has a 5″ LCD screen running in widescreen format at 480 x 272 pixels. The screen is also backlit. As well as having 2 GB of storage the Strada also has a 1Seg TV tuner in there too. The device will cost 455 Euros and seems to only be available in Japan. I must admit that the 3D nav pictured does look quite cool with that lane guidance built in.

Due to it having a 1Seg tuner in there I doubt we will see it over this side of the globe in it’s current form.

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15 103 inch Screens Sold by Panasonic

The 103 inch plasma screen beast that was launched by Panasonic back in 2006 has now topped a mass total of 15 units being sold. The TV costs $80000 and due to the size of it, I am not too surprised that only 15 were sold. 5 of those 15 went to one customer also.

It does make me wonder if it was really worth it for Panasonic to push the boundaries to a size that most people couldn’t even fit in their house.

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iPhone Pocket Guitar Mod

By making use of the iPhone and iPod Touch cool multi-touch screen’s that they have, Google Code project has managed to make an interesting mod which allows you to use that screen to play a guitar. With the iPod having music capabilities it can also be used to jam away to your favourite songs too. According to Google Code it is easy to install, so it should have all you guitar fans playing away, right away.

Via: SlipperyBrick and Google Code

iPhone Zoom Lens

The iPhone since coming out has been a great looking phone. However, like most mobile phones, the camera isn’t too good. This new attachment from Conice can take the standard 2 mega pixel camera and add 6x optical zoom on to it. This will allow for some better close up shots from greater distances.

The lens attaches on to an acrylic case which then fastens on to the iPhone. The lens is 2.87 inches long and weighs almost as much as the phone. The next bit of good news is that it costs $14.77.

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Gucci Concept Watch with Flexible Screen

With flexible OLED screens becoming more popular it’s time they were put to good use. This Gucci Concept watch has been designed to integrate an LED screen in to the bracelet. A sliding door covers the screen up when not needed.




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Origami Spacecraft to Fly Home

The guys over at the University of Tokyo are creating a paper airplane which will fly from the international space station, back home (hopefully). Astronauts will launch it soon. A few problems exist though. First is that when a shuttle hits the atmosphere it is travelling at around mach 20 which causes it to get seriously hot and use those heat deflecting tiles across the shuttles belly.

So, a paper airplane will be thrown out of the space station, which is travelling at speed it’s self, and yet they expect the plane to land safely. Apparently this will be achieved by treating the paper (in some mystical way) to make it be able to withstand the extra heat. Now I don’t expect to see the airplane fly through the atmosphere at mach 20, but it should still be going quite fast to get hot.

No launch date is set and they are hoping a hand written message on it might make it in to the hands of someone on the ground. It will be cool if that happens!

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Mario Quilt

The Mario Quilt is designed by Crafster and has pixelated type icons of Mario, Bowser and others sewn in to it. It looks 8-bit style and 1.5 inch squares make up the 8′ x 8′ sized quilt.

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3D Optical Illusion Machine

This machine was created by a Japanese engineer. It creates optical illusions instantaneously.

A Japanese engineer developed a machine that creates 3D optical illusions in real-time. Put simply, an object rotates while different scans are synchronized, and the following outcome is more than meets the eye. Video after the break. Click here for first picture in gallery.

Check out the video demonstration after the jump.



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Evolta Mega Battery

Panasonic have created Evolta which is a mega battery. The battery is a step up from Oxyride. If you remember Oxyride, they are batteries that run at 1.7V (for the AA versions) which is slightly larger then normal. Two of those batteries powered a car with a light passenger for 1.23km trip. So, they are fairly powerful. It makes you wonder what kind of output the new Evolta’s will give out.

Another step up is that Evolta batteries have a shelf life of 10 years. They will not lose any power or performance if sat there unused.

No details are readily available yet, but expect to start seeing these batteries around April time.

Via: DigitalworldTokyo

Philips GoGear MP3 Player

GoGear is made by Philips. The latest MP3 player with this brand is the SA2845 which is due out the first quarter of this year. They have a relatively low price of $29 – $49 and the player is very compact and looks rather cool. It has an OLED display, USB 2.0 connectivity and an FM tuner built in. On the storage side there is sufficient too with it having 4GB built in which is enough for a good amount of albums to be stored.

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Rolling Clock

Rolling Clock
The rolling clock is just as unique as the cube clock we wrote about a couple of weeks back. This clock has a weight inside which causes the clock to roll around the desk with the time hitting the table. The time on the clock isn’t accurate either. No minutes can be found and it uses a simple way by saying, it’s almost 7pm etc…

The rolling clock is 9″ in diameter and costs $179 from gnr8.

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