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Pacman Ghost Pillows

Pacman Ghost Pillows Front
These pillows have Pacman ghosts on them. They are pixelated to give them the old 8-bit effect and come in various colours. The whole set costs $90 (£45 in the UK) with which you get 4 pillows of Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde (I never knew they had names). It appears from the listing that when you flip them over they go in to the mode where you can eat them and they look like this below.

Pacman Ghost Pillows

Unfortunately there is only 1 of this collection in stock at Etsy. Hopefully they will sell more in the future.

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Thompson F2 PMP

Thompson has launched the F2 PMP (Portable Media Player) which supports MP3, WMA, AMV as well as E-Book formats and images. The screen measures 1.8 inches (LCD) and has bright and normal modes for the times you want to conserve battery life. There is also a microphone in there and a number of games which can be played. Multi tasking is also available which allows you to read an E-Book while listening to music at the same time. 7 EQ modes are available to adjust sound to your liking.

Connection to the PC is provided via USB 2.0 which allows music, video, images and books to be transferred quickly to it’s 1Gb of built in memory. Costing $62 it’s not a bad price at all for the little player.



Product Page Via: TodayGadgets

The Das Keyboard II is Missing Something

The keyboard above is odd in that it has no text written on any of the keys. They are completely blank. According to claims made by Das, this type of keyboard can quickly better your typing skills as most people tend to look down at the keys when they type. With them having no key marks on them, it quickly gets you out of the habit of looking for the next key to type. The F and J keys have markings on like a regular keyboard so that you can feel where to put your hands when starting to type.

The Das Keyboard II is available from Amazon and costs $79.95 which might seem a bit barmey. But, it does sport gold plated clicky keys which allow for better typing and up to 50 million key strokes as opposed to 10 – 15 million on your regular keyboards.

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Mini Candy Grabber for the Home

candy grabber
Grabbers at amusement parks are often annoying as you very rarely win anything and spend a fortune for nothing. This mini candy grabber allows you to put all your left over Christmas chocolates inside and grab them, but for free. You get supplied with some fake coins to use and I guess if you were feeling nasty you could always charge your office friends to have a go. You get 1 minute 15 seconds to grab the chocolate per coin and the tacky music speeds up towards the end. If successful you hear an applause. The hole in the top is too small to cheat and grab sweets although with it being desk top sized you can always just flip it over and shake it to get your sweets back.


* A desktop Candy Grabber, fairground-style.
* A claw that you manoeuvre around to grab your sweet treats.
* Three joystick style controls, moving the grabber-forwards and backwards, up and down, and contracting and releasing the claw.
* Fairground music that lasts for one minute and fifteen seconds.
* A bag of fake coins.
* A slot to fill the machine with goodies.
* Suitable for ages 5 years+.
* Requires 3 x C Batteries (not included).
* Size: 32 x 21 x 16cm.

The mini candy grabber is available from IWOOT and costs £17.95.

Found Via: Gadgets Club

Nintendo DS 2

nintendo-ds-2Back in December, Gizmodo created a wishlist about the next Gen Nintendo DS. Phil Nolan, a 3D artist, liked what he saw there and got to work creating a 3D rendering of what a Nintendo DS 2 could look like. Taking ideas from the iPhone, PSP and Wii the DS 2 pictured above was created. As can be seen, the faces of the device are shiny and the screens are larger then the regular DS. If Nintendo took some advice from Phil they would have a killer looking machine.





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Mini Gold Drum Clock

Mini Gold Drum Clock
This gold (silver also available) clock is shaped like a set of drums. Inside the drums you will find a quartz clock embedded which is accurate to about +- 7 seconds per year. The drum set is made of metal and is gold or silver plated. Size: dia = 21mm, drum size is L50 x W28 x H75 mm.

Currently the drum clock will cost you $10.99 over at WatchSuperStore.

The CarCapsule

If you have a precious car that you do not want scratching, damaging or to have any effects from the weather around then the CarCapsule is a crazy but kind of cool idea. The CarCapsule is a large bubble in which you park your car in. It is made from 10 mil thick PVC and inflates around your car. A fan circulates are around the bubble to keep the air fresh. What the CarCapsule does is keeps out dirt, dust and moisture so that the car inside is kept in mint condiction.

A bunch of sizes are available to choose from 8 foot up to 22 foot long costing from $269 – $419.

Via: AutoSportCatalog

8Ft Lego R2D2

Standing a massive 8 feet tall is the all new R2D2 Lego model which was built by Dan Steinenger and a bunch of children who also chipped in. The R2D2 model has functioning red and blue LED lights as well as sound effects. It is currently standing at the Lego store in Disney (Orlando) and was built as part of the festival of masters event. Video after the jump.

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SwoofTronic Pi – Light Controlled Sound

SwoofTronic Pi
SwoofTronic Pi is a light controlled sound/audio device which you control with your hands. Light sensors on each controller vary the pitch and tone length according to how much light is let in. Let more light in on the right box and the pitch (frequency) will be increased. On the left if you let more light in then the length of the note played is increased.

SwoofTronic Pi 1
Mixing the movements of blocking light together you get some unique soothing sounds coming from the SwoofTronic Pi.

SwoofTronic Pi 2
The light sensors have 3 ways of working. The first is to use the ambient light in the room. However, if it’s dark then you can use the LED’s on the side of each box to light up the other boxes sensor. The other option is to use a small LED key ring to change the sound.

I can kind of see the SwoofTronic Pi being addictive but possibly annoying for those around you. The good news is that there is a 3.5mm headphone jack so you can keep others happy while you mellow away in random soundness. For a full “Sinclair Spectrum style” demo, check out the video after the jump.

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SIM CARD Audio Surveillance Spy Ear Bug

ZRAD Audio Surveillance
This device is an audio surveillance spying device which uses a SIM card allowing you to call and snoop on those in the room. It has a magnetic core allowing it to be attached to metal objects which ideally should be hidden. The microphone is built in to the device and is activated when you call a phone number. It can pick up audio from around 10 meters away. The system works silently so that it doesn’t get found. The battery will power the device for 2 to 3 hours and if an external battery is used it can get about 6 to 7 hours of usage. The GSM parts of the device work on 900, 1800 or 1900MHz (tri-band).

The ZRAD costs $149 and is available from Vavolo.