S5 GPS Like Tracking Device is Tiny

gps tracking
This new tracking chip is built by S5 Wireless. The chip is smaller then a coin and is a low cost unit coming in either the chip, module or a tag ($2, $7 or $10). Batteries that power these chips have the potential to keep the device going for up to 4 years with a 2100mAh battery transmitting once every 30 minutes. Main uses for this chip could be to attach it to products, people, vehicles or pets. The chip uses signals from S5’s own network of stations in some cities in the US. Eventually it will roll out to more cities and hopefully countries around the globe. Accuracy is not quite as good as GPS, but outdoors it can triangulate you to the nearest 35 feet and indoors to about the closest 45 feet. For a cheap low powered device this isn’t bad at all.

Lets hope they can roll out the tracking stations asap 🙂

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  1. Hello! i would like to buy the S5 GPS Tracking Device! Where can i get it?

  2. Nascimento daniel says

    We are interested in buying the S5 GPS Tracking Devices.

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