Petrol RC Hummer

Petrol RC Hummer
This Hummer is RC and petrol powered. It’s a massive 1/5 scale which dwarfs most other radio controlled cars. The engine that powers this beast is a 26cc DZY and can make the Hummer shift at up to 50MPH which is flippin quick for a car this size.

The RC Hummer is made of aluminium and has a centrifugal clutch and differential. The RC hummer runs on 2 stroke oil mixed with regular unleaded petrol found in all UK petrol stations. By mixing 5 litres of unleaded with 250ml of 2 stroke oil, you get just the right mixture to make it go.

By travelling at 50MPH it can quickly go out of range if you are not careful. If this happens then having the failsafe option will simply shut down and the Hummer will roll to a stop, which might not be good, but better then slamming in to a wall at full speed. At least your wall will now be a bit safer 😉

The RC Hummer will set you back just short of £350 with the failsafe option costing £12.99.

1 ) Scale: 1/5
2 ) D/W: Rear 2WD system, differential with built-in gears
3 ) Brakes: Rear Disc
4 ) Speed: 80km/h
5 ) Engine: Single cylinder, two stroke, air-cooled, 26cc
6 ) Torque: 1.8N.m
7 ) Power: 1.58kw / 2.15 bhp
8) Fuel: Petrol / engine oil (25:1)
9 ) Fuel tank capacity: 40 minutes
10) Start method: pull start
11) LxWxH: 700x530x350mm
12) Tires: 190mm
13) Wheelbase (F/R): 480mm
14) Tread: 340mm(F)/370mm(R)

1 ) Fully assembled
2 ) Powerful pull start 26cc engine
3 ) Heavy duty parts (many metal)
4 ) Differential with built-in gear
5 ) Fully adjustable oil-filled shocks
6 ) Disc brake system
7 ) CE/ROHS approved controller
8 ) Strong 15kg/cm OEM Futaba servo
9 ) Sealed electronics box for use on wet days
10 ) Aluminium chassis
11 ) Waibro Carburetor
12 ) NGK spark plug
13 ) 80 km/h top speed


  1. How heavy is it??

  2. I’m not sure Ben. It doesn’t mention on the sales page unfortunately.

  3. Vern Masterson says

    Of all the types of RC vehicles, these large-scale ones are by far my favorite. They’re obviously a whole lot more powerful than their smaller counterparts, but they’re also a whole lot easier to keep track of (and film if so desired) when they’re running around and doing jumps, etc… Aside from a Baja truck I saw recently, this is probably the best looking RC truck I’ve ever come across. GM will live on, if only in RC form!!!

  4. Richard Metcalfe says

    Have to agree with Vern these rc hummers are truly incredible, for me its the sound, smell, size, power, looks ok i confess its just all round goodness.

    For such a large size they do shift to about 50mph which is very fast when it comes to your local park and street fun!

  5. hey this truck is wonderfull have 2×4 and it goes everywhere,does anybody know where to find parts-i broke a upper rear arm assembly and rigged a temp,would like to replace with original part???

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