LEGO Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar’s are used each year to count down to Christmas. LEGO have created their own advent calendars which feature 24 days of LEGO building fun. Each day you will find a new small set such as a tree, mini figures a fire place and other items. The LEGO City version pictured above includes LEGO city type LEGO.

Another version is the LEGO Bellville calendar which includes animals and accessories.

Each costs £12.99 in the UK and are available here and here.

Also available at Amazon.

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  1. Joan Lindsay says

    Hi, I am looking to buy the 2008 Lego Advent Calendar for a boy age 11 years
    I got him one last year and he just loved it and now he wants to know if Gran
    can get him another one this year.
    I am unable to locate them on the website

    Thank you

    Joan Lindsay

  2. Hello Joan,
    It could be that they are not available until November time. If I spot them on the site I will put a mention out for them. I recommend just checking back here or with Lego in a month or 2.

    Gadget Venue

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