Automatic Projection Calibration

Automatic Projector Calibration
Johnny Chung Lee headed up a team which created a cool projection calibration system which could work out where a small screen is and adjust the image to match the perspective. It works by having 4 or more sensors in a small plate which detect light. Once the position of the sensors is determined the image is then adjusted. The process takes just seconds to find the new location of the screen and once found, adjusts immediately to match. This is ideal for presentations where you need to quickly line up a screen but cannot find a place directly in front of the screen. If you put the projector to the side then it will adjust automatically to straighten out the image.

On the video below you will see a VW Beetle that has a number of sensors added and the wheels are projected in to the right place regardless of what angle the car is turned.

It’s excellent stuff with a lot of potential.

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