DVIEW – Business Card sized PC

The DVIEW is a business card sized PC which uses a used mobile phone LCD panel. It is built by Hokuto Systems Co Ltd in Japan and is capable of working by it’s self and displaying data on the screen with out the use of other peripherals. The screens are 2.2 inches running at QVGA (320 x 240). The processor is an ARM7TDMI core CPU which can run at 81Mhz. On the memory side it has 40k SRAM and can play back audio at MP3, MIDI and ADPCM.

There are plenty of good uses for a device like this and adding a touch screen to the device could expand it even further. I look forwards to seeing where this one goes.


Via: Gizmowatch


  1. Wow, that’s cool looking. But isn’t it a bit dangerous to have all the chips and the board exposed?

  2. I dont think it would be as it’s only 5V I would imagine running through it. However, I prefer not to be the one that tests if it is dangerous 😉

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