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Windows 8 Can Boot from a USB Flash Drive

When the Windows 8 developer preview launched last week it was well respected by bloggers who think Microsoft is doing a great job with the new operating system. After testing the operating system over the past week or so, some users have found that you can boot a laptop in to Windows 8 from a USB flash drive. We had heard it was installable from a flash drive earlier this week but now have a demo of it booting from a flash drive.

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CKB Flash Drive from Super Talent Designed for Keychains

Super Talent has created the CKB USB flash drive that has been designed to attach to your keychain. The reason for creating it was due to the need to carry keys around with you when you leave your home. If a flash drive is attached to them, you’ll never forget to carry it around with you.

Storage capacities for the CKB starts at 2GB and goes all the way up to 32GB. Dimensions of the flash drive reveal it measures 40mm x 25.9mm x 3.7mm making it quite compact. [Read more…]

USB Flash Drive Cufflinks

Flash drives often come in a number of shapes and sizes. We have seen burger flash drives in the past along with other various items being used.

The latest I came across today are USB Flash Drive Cufflinks that allow you to hold a shirt cuff together as well as easily carry your data around with you.

Now introducing the perfect pair of cufflinks for work. 2GB USB Flash Drive Cufflinks (2 GB each, total 4 GB) are not only engravable, but feature functional USB drives making it possible for you to keep all of your must-have presentations and important documents with you wherever you go. Never be without functional fashion again.

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SanDisk XBox 360 USB Flash Drive now Available

SanDisk has confirmed that the XBox 360 USB flash drive is now shipping. A couple of capacities are available which include an 8GB model costing $24.99 and a larger 16GB model costing $69.99.

The drives carry the official XBox logo as they were built in a partnership with Microsoft [MSFT] and each drive can be used to take advantage of the firmware that was launched on April 6 that allowed external devices to be used to store saved games, profiles as well as demos, video and pictures.

Although SanDisk and Microsoft are saying the SanDisk flash drive is the “official” USB device for the XBox, this doesn’t prevent other 3rd party flash drives being used. [Read more…]

Deal of the Day: Kingston DataTraveler 16GB USB Flash Drive

Amazon currently have a good deal on for the 16GB DataTraveler from Kingston. Right now there is a 44% saving to be found taking the price down from $44.99 to $25.00.

The USB Flash Drive is USB 2.0 and can transfer data at 5MB/sec for write speeds and 10MB/s for read speeds. The design is capless and as any other USB flash drive is, it’s simple to use. [Read more…]

Corsair 128GB USB Flash Drive Launched

Corsair have announced a new range of USB flash drives that come in capacities of 32GB, 64GB and 128GB.

Each of the drives uses the USB 2.0 interface which on the surface seems like they are standing still. However, what Corsair have done here is use a new quad-channel architecture that brings speeds up to 34MB/s. This still isn’t as quick as what USB 3.0 can achieve but for those who want a huge capacity of 128GB at a USB 2.0 price that runs quicker than regular USB 2.0 devices then you aren’t going too far wrong. [Read more…]

Folderix Flash Drive files 4GB of Data

The USB flash drives were designed by Art Lebedev and have a capacity of 4GB to store your files, photos and video on to. The flash drives are USB and connect direct to the USB port on your computer.

The USB flash drives are called Folderix and have a read speed of 14 MB/sec along with a write speed of 2.5MB/sec. The folderix drives are available in three colours. [Read more…]

Lego USB Flash Drive Car

Lego-USB-Flash-DriveThis Lego USB Flash Drive is a one of a kind 4GB flash drive that as the name suggests, is built of Lego. The Lego Flash Drive car measures 3.5″ x 1.5″ and can be taken apart if you want.

The Flash Drive uses a micro flash drive embedded in to the main body of the car with the top section and wheels attaching to the flash drive. As it uses what appears to be regular lego, there is also room to further customise the drive if needed. [Read more…]

Alien USB Flash Drive

usb_alien_monsterThe Alien USB Flash Drive is a creepy device that sits well on your desk. It was designed to look like an Alien from Alien, Aliens and other Alien movies.

The Alien Flash Drive connect to a USB port on your laptop or desktop computer and once connected it’s inner mouth pops out and the inside of the big mouth lights up by a red LED in a freaky way. [Read more…]

USB Grenade Flash Drive

usb_grenade_flash_driveThe USB Grenade Flash Drive is a fun gadget that is designed to look like a grenade although no explosions are going to happen with this one. It functions like any other USB flash drive in that you pull the top off it, stick it in your PC or Mac and transfer a bunch of files to it.

That annoying guy three cubes down want the same files you’ve already emailed him 30 times? Pull the plug on your grenade and fling it into his cube. It won’t blow up, but at least a grenade to the head might make him reconsider the next time he wants to bug you about something…

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Active Media Wink 16GB USB Flash Drive

active_media_wink-usb-driveThe Active Media Wink is a very small USB flash drive, claimed to be the tiniest by it’s creators, that manages to store an impressive 16GB of data.

The USB Wink Drive measures just 0.1 inches in thickness and measures over an inch long. Several capacities are available other than the large 16GB model which includes 2GB, 4GB, 8GB as well as the already mentioned 16GB model.

The flash drive it’s self is also waterproof as it’s covered in a sealed casing. To keep the drive safe a small eye hole is drilled in allowing it to be connected to your keychain. [Read more…]

The Stig USB Flash Drive – The Memory Stig

Stig-USB-MemoryWe’ve seen our fair share of weird and wonderful USB flash drives here at gadgetvenue. Today I came across perhaps the best ever…. The Stig USB Flash Drive.

The Stig flash drive has 8GB of storage capacity and connects to USB 2.0 that transfers data at a rate of 480Mbps.

The best description in the comments over at in the UK is that it’s called “the memory stig”. [Read more…]