Corsair 128GB USB Flash Drive Launched

Corsair have announced a new range of USB flash drives that come in capacities of 32GB, 64GB and 128GB.

Each of the drives uses the USB 2.0 interface which on the surface seems like they are standing still. However, what Corsair have done here is use a new quad-channel architecture that brings speeds up to 34MB/s. This still isn’t as quick as what USB 3.0 can achieve but for those who want a huge capacity of 128GB at a USB 2.0 price that runs quicker than regular USB 2.0 devices then you aren’t going too far wrong.

The quad-channel architecture employed by the Flash Voyager GTR series delivers read speeds up to 34MB/s and write speeds up to 28MB/s, approaching the maximum transfer rates supported by the USB 2.0 interface. The outstanding performance numbers translate into genuine, real-world results. In the Corsair Labs, using a typical Windows 7-based PC, the Flash Voyager GTR 128GB was tested head-to-head against a 128GB USB drive from one of the world’s largest suppliers of UFDs. For the first test, a folder containing 8,125 MP3 files was copied to the Flash Voyager GTR in only 39 minutes, while the competitor took over 66 minutes to complete the same task. The second test copied a documents folder containing 37,000 small DOC files, which took just 6 minutes on the Flash Voyager GTR versus more than 37 minutes on the competitor’s USB flash drive. Details of this testing can be found here.

As well as having a large capacity and a quick interface the drives are also durable and come in a water resistant rubber housing to prevent small knocks from damaging the drive.

The new drives are starting to ship now. In the UK you can pick up the 128GB model at Amazon for £263.94. More retailers listed here.

Via: HotHardware

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