SanDisk XBox 360 USB Flash Drive now Available

SanDisk has confirmed that the XBox 360 USB flash drive is now shipping. A couple of capacities are available which include an 8GB model costing $24.99 and a larger 16GB model costing $69.99.

The drives carry the official XBox logo as they were built in a partnership with Microsoft [MSFT] and each drive can be used to take advantage of the firmware that was launched on April 6 that allowed external devices to be used to store saved games, profiles as well as demos, video and pictures.

Although SanDisk and Microsoft are saying the SanDisk flash drive is the “official” USB device for the XBox, this doesn’t prevent other 3rd party flash drives being used.

One thing to remember if using a 3rd party memory stick that anything above 16GB will not be formatted… ie, you can still use a larger USB flash drive but the XBox will only format the first 16GB leaving the remaining part of the drive to be used by a desktop PC for example.

The flash drives are available on Amazon to purchase now.

Via: Coated


  1. james braselton says

    hi there amazone is not the only one bestbuy frys toys R us game stop

  2. james braselton says

    hi there original 360 360 has 2 usb flash drive ports for 32 gb and xbox 360 has 5 usb ports for 80 gb flash memory i have used 10.4 gb free of 20 gb

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