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Tigatron USB Flash Drive

With the ramp up of the latest Transformers movie we are now seeing more and more transforming gadgets. The latest is Tigatron which is similar to the other 2 transformer gadgets we wrote about recently in that it transforms from a USB flash drive in to a small robot. Tigatron has 2 GB of storage capacity and works on both Windows and Mac OS computers. [Read more…]

Transformer USB Flash Drive

transformers-usb-driveWith the launch of the new Transformers movie coming soon it’s time we started seeing a few more gadgets themed as such. Along comes the Transformer USB Flash Drive. The flash drive is capable of transforming in to Ravage who was a pet robot of Soundwave.

Soundwave was a robot that transformed in to a cassette player and the cassettes inside also transformed in to various creatures, Ravage being one of them. The problem these days with this thinking is that nobody uses cassettes any more which makes using a USB flash drive the perfect alternative. [Read more…]

Canon 5D Mark II Flash Drive

canon-5d-markii-flash-driveThis cool USB flash drive comes in the shape of a Canon 5D Mark II DSLR camera.

The lens holds the flash drive which is capable of storing 4GB of data. The camera acts as the cap for the flash drive making a miniature DSLR camera which looks really cool. It is only available on eBay at the moment and seems to be a very limited edition. The user on eBay who created it is called rayhuen and has made 1 other item in the past which was a 2GB Flash drive in the shape of a Canon EOS 450D. Maybe next time he will create some Nikon Flash Drives. [Read more…]

Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite Flash Drive

han-solo-frozen-carbonite-usb-flash-driveThe Frozen Carbonite Scene from Starwars where Han Solo gets frozen for a time has now been recreated in to a USB flash drive. [Read more…]

Custom Built Lego Brick Flash Drive

lego-usb-stickUSB Flash Memory takes from in many shapes from burgers on to Lego bricks. If you don’t want to shell out that bit extra to pay for someone to create you a Lego one then maybe you could just make your own. [Read more…]

USB Flash Drive Peg

usb_pegAgain, we bring you another USB flash drive which has been shoved in to another product. This time a wooden clothes peg has been used to cram a small USB flash drive in to it. [Read more…]

Sawed-Off USB Flash Drive

The Sawed-Off USB flash drive is a great looking custom built and hacked together device. It was built over at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories and uses a 1 GB Kingmax USB drive along with a bit of silicone and an old USB cable. [Read more…]

USB Flash Drive Duplicator copies 20

nexcopy-usb-flash-drive-duplicatorWe wrote about a flash drive duplicator a few days which was made by Aleratec. It had a hefty price tag of almost $1600. [Read more…]

Flash Drive Duplicator

copytowerWhen mass duplicating media you often hit a snag that it takes so long to make copy after copy. Mass duplication devices more commonly known are for CD’s or DVD’s. Aleratec have just released a 1:11 USB copy tower [Read more…]

Custom USB Flash Drives

Custom USB Flash Drives Custom USB Flash Drives Bio

Custom USB are a company which provide a number of flash drives which can be fully customised with your company logo or brand. Capacities of the flash drives tend to be between 64Gb and 2Gb with various, or custom colours possible. Not only are the flash drives custom, but the packaging can also be customised too providing a great way to get your name out to your clients in business.

Prices vary due to the vast array of drives and custom work, so if you are in need of this type of service Custom USB are well worth checking out.

Pen with 4GB Flash Drive

4gb usb_pen
A lot of people carry around pens with them. These days a lot of people also need to carry flash drives around with them. This ball point pen comes with a 4GB flash drive built in. Not only a 4GB flash drive is crammed in there though. It also has a laser pen in there too although it’s not as powerful as TechLasers 125mW green laser. It makes for the perfect geeky presentation device. All what is needed now is a mini projector in the end of the pen and you have a PowerPoint presentation right in your pocket.

The device costs $99 which isnt bad for a 3 in 1 device like this.

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Transformers USB Flash Drives

Transformers are still alive and kicking. This time they come in the shape of USB flash drives which work on USB 2.0 technology. Two capacities are available which are the 1GB model being the Autobot and the 2GB being the Decepticon. They are quite unique and do look quite cool. With them being USB 2.0 you can expect the usual high speed transfer speeds between the drive and PC. If only they could actually transform though 🙂

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