Amazon press conference going ahead on September 6

Amazon has sent out invites for a press conference it is holding on September 6th. The event is being held in Santa Monica and at the moment, that’s all that is being announced by the company.

Speculation at the moment is revolving around the launch of a new Kindle Fire 2 or perhaps even a smartphone. Alternative options could be a new generation Kindle announced (of the reader variety), perhaps one with colour eInk, or perhaps back-lit.

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Facebook app for iOS gets updated – speed increase!!

Facebook has released an update for its app on iOS devices. The new update has been “built from the ground up” and now drops HTML5 and switches that for native iOS programming to keep it running. The result is that the app runs far smoother than previous versions.

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PlayStation 4 will probably support 4K resolution

Many rumours about the PlayStation 4 are going around in preparation for a launch in the next year or two. The latest rumour comes from a source of BGR that says the PlayStation 4 will support resolutions up to 4K.

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Apple releases Mountain Lion update to fix a few bugs

Apple has released the first update for OS X Mountain Lion today. The new update takes Mountain Lion users from OS X 10.8 to 10.8.1. With that update, which requires an update I’ll point out, fixes a few issues such as iMessage, Thunderbolt issues as well as battery life issues on MacBooks.

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500 TB of data per day processed by Facebook

Facebook is a busy website with millions of people constantly logging in. Every so often the company shares a bit of information about what kinds of numbers they are dealing with. The latest come in reveal that the site is absolutely huge such as 2.7 billion likes made daily along with 300 million photos uploaded daily.

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Google Play Gift Cards launch

Over the last week some pictures of Google Play Gift Cards were uploaded with a hint that they will be launching soon. Google has now made the Gift Cards available to purchase.

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Samsung Galaxy Note II teased in video

At the bottom of this post is a video that was launched a few days ago that gives a few quick looks at the Samsung Galaxy Note II which is scheduled to be announced on August 29.

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Windows 8 Pro pricing revealed – $199 after $69.99 promotional pricing

The Verge is reporting that Windows 8 will be priced at $199 after a promotional period. The promotional period will see the price set at $69.99 which is set to expire on Jan 31 2013.

A Windows 8 to Windows 8 Pro upgrade will also be available in stores at $69.99 which will then jump to $99.99 after the same promotional period as mentioned above.

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T-Mobile will soon launch an unlimited data plan in the US

Good news for those wanting unlimited data for their smartphone. T-Mobile in the US has announced that starting September 5, it will be offering unlimited data.

The cost of the unlimited data is $69.99/month or $89.99/month depending on if you choose a subsidised smartphone.

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TomTom iOS App gets updated with Foursquare search and check-ins

TomTom has released a new update for TomTom on iOS devices. The new version is 1.11 and with that update you get the latest maps as well as a few new social features which includes Foursquare check-ins and search.

As well as the above mentioned additions, TomTom now allows users to more easily modify route types.

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iPad mini rumours heat up thanks to request for more iPad display space

Here in Europe, premium Apple resellers have been asked to provide more display space for the iPad. The request mentions that this work should be complete by September 12. Apple Insider hint that this could mean that the iPad mini will be announced on September 12 and have displays ready for it the same day. Although I’m a little sceptical of an iPad mini launch in September, I can see why Apple would want more space dedicated for a new device.

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Google Nexus 7 France release date is September 3

A number of retailers have leaked the release date of the Google Nexus 7 in France. The leaked date reveals that the device will be released on September 3.

Only the 16GB model is going on sale at first which will then be followed by the 8GB model at a later date. Various stores will have the tablet available which includes Fnac, Darty and Boulanger.

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