T-Mobile will soon launch an unlimited data plan in the US

Good news for those wanting unlimited data for their smartphone. T-Mobile in the US has announced that starting September 5, it will be offering unlimited data.

The cost of the unlimited data is $69.99/month or $89.99/month depending on if you choose a subsidised smartphone.

The reason behind the move seems to be related to customers basically fleeing to other networks. T-Mobile wants to make an attractive offer to keep users on its network as well as give them a worry free data plan where they can stream movies and do what they need to do without getting any extra charges at the end of the month.

As well as offering the unlimited plan, T-Mobile will continue to offer the 2GB, 5GB or 10GB plans. T-Mobile will not be charging for any overages although as soon as you hit the limit on the 2, 5 or 10GB plan your access gets slowed down to just a trickle to prevent you using more data.

As with all “unlimited” plans though, T-Mobile still will monitor and slow down transmission speeds for those who end up going over the “unlimited” allowance… kind of odd but perhaps understandable if someone is abusing the service and has a constant stream of downloads through their smartphone. We could argue all day though about the meaning of unlimited, but in general, most of you wont reach the limits.

At the moment, T-Mobile doesn’t sell the iPhone in the US. If it does get the opportunity this time around when the iPhone 5 is released, then perhaps they might re-think their unlimited data offerings as iPhone and iPad users tend to be quite heavy in terms of the amount of data downloaded each month.


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