TomTom iOS App gets updated with Foursquare search and check-ins

TomTom has released a new update for TomTom on iOS devices. The new version is 1.11 and with that update you get the latest maps as well as a few new social features which includes Foursquare check-ins and search.

As well as the above mentioned additions, TomTom now allows users to more easily modify route types.

TomTom mentions on the app update page that about 15% of roads change each year which is why the regularly provide updates so that you don’t hit any unknown dead ends for example. The navigate to contacts function has had a privacy fix which now means you can access your contacts without the need to share them with TomTom. Although TomTom indicated this could happen in the past, they never actually used your contact data.

For those of you in France, TomTom has now added Danger Zone services which is essentially the new speed camera warning system. In version 1.10, speed camera information in France was removed but now 1.11 adds it back through the Danger Zone as this service is 100% legal in France.

Foursquare logins allow you to connect up to other people as well as navigate to many businesses found on the service. This greatly enhances the POI available to users.

You also can now navigate to copied addresses. For example, you might see an address in Safari or have someone email you an address. You can copy this to the clipboard and then paste it in to TomTom which can then parse the details it needs and set it as a destination for you.

Overall, quite a decent update although still classed as a minor update with it going from 1.10 to 1.11.

The TomTom iOS update is available through the usual channels which includes through iTunes on the desktop or via the App Store on the device.


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