Jabra JX10 Bluetooth Headset

The Jabra JX10 is another Bluetooth headset to hit the market soon. Full specs are below and the device will retail for about $179.99.


* Less than 1/3 oz
* Size: L: 11/2 x W: 3/4 x D: 3/4 inches
* Digital sound enhancement via DSP technology
* One-touch pairing button
* Optional charging from PC via USB
* Complete with desktop charging cradle and carry pouch
* Up to 6 hours talk time and up to 200 hours standby
* Multi-colored LED light indicator for status on Bluetooth, battery and charging
* 2 different wearing styles with or without the earhook
* Easy accessible volume control
* Answer/end call
* Voice dial*
* Last-number redial*
* Reject call*
* Call hold/call wait*
* Bluetooth 1.2 supporting headset and hands-free profile

Matrox Box – 3 Screens

Using 2 or more monitors on your PC can increase productivity. Have you ever wanted to copy data from a spreadsheet in to a word document and you get fed up of minimizing one window to see the other. Having 2+ screens can help. I use 2 screens at home and run email on 1 screen and terminal services etc… and browse the internet on the other screen. This offers a great improvement to my productivity allowing me to work on a system while following notes on another screen.

Matrox have introduced a $300 TripleHead2Go device which increases the “real estate” in front of you. You set the resolution on your laptop or PC to higher and then plug your output in to the box and the box in to 3 19″ Flat Panel Displays (no doubt for $300 you only get the TripleHead2Go box). This gives you a combined resolution of 3840×768 which is far better for spreading your windows about on your computer. Also note that it all acts just like one big desktop and if you want a window over on the right you just drag it to the right like you would on a single screen setup.

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More Fuel Cell Stuff – The UltraCell XX25

UltraCell XX25 information has been revealed recently by GizMag. The claim is that the Fuel Cell can power a ruggedized laptop for 3 days and with a few tweaks it can run survailence computers for longer. The XX25 has been tested to military spec standards from heavy vibrations, extreme weather temperatures etc…

What I like about FuelCell technology is that you can replace the cartridges quickly for cheap and have instant power again. FuelCells are going to be a great way forwards.


Wireless Conferencing iPod Patent

I came across this article at Macsimum news today. It’s basically plans for a wireless iPod which will use video technology to communicate with people. They should call it wipod (shame the domain is already gone).


More details with more images and explanations can be found at Macsimum News.

Tiny Sony Projector

Source: NewLaunches

Sony have made a tiny projector which works using LED’s as the source for light. As seen in the pictures below, this thing is tiny. It will fit in your hand!!


The devices uses groups of different coloured LED’s and uses the light there to throw the image on to the screen.


Cubite Speaker & USB Hub

This handy little speaker that doubles up as a 4 port USB Hub is now for sale at iwoot.com.


* A stylish cube shaped computer stereo speaker with integrated USB hub.
* The Cubite has an easily rechargeable 4-port USB hub so you can plug in all manner of USB reliant things such as memory sticks, digital cameras, MP3 players and PDAs.
* The speaker has a treble and bass control for optimal sound tuning.
* Totally plug and play, no software required.
* Suitable for ages 8 years+.
* Requires a USB port as it’s totally USB powered.
* Requires a PC with an audio-out port with operating system Windows 98 SE or above or
* Mac OS 8.6 or above.
* Size: 10 x 10 x 10cm.


Phones in the Future

Ever wondered what phones will be like in the future? A recent competition was launched in which the contenders were asked to design the phones of the future. Below are 2 pics. The first is the winning phone with which the designer won an internship with Nokia.



Toshiba 0.85-inch 4GB HDD

Toshiba have made this amazing 0.85-inch 4GB HDD. Looking at the pictures below you will be amazed at how something so small can be made.

The drive is slightly larger then a stamp and would be ideal for cameras, phones, MP3 players as well as card readers where transporting data around would be made far easier. I can see this device from Toshiba doing really well!

Toshiba Tiny Drive 2.jpg

Toshiba Tiny Drive.jpg

Space Cube PC

This Tiny PC called “The Space Cube” is tiny. It’s just 2 x 2 x 2.2 inches and has a 300MHz CPU with 64MB SDRAM. It can run at quite a decent resolution at 1280×1024 and costs $325


Source: Fosfor.se

Pico Flyer

The PicoFlyer is the worlds smallest functional RC helicopter. It’s rotors are 60mm in diameter and the helicopter can fly for around 3 minutes. Looking at the screen shots it reminds me of the insides of a tiny RC car (the Tomy ones) and from what I can tell it’s made of 3 motors (2 for the rotors and 1 for the rear rotor) and charges just like the BitChargE cars.


More Pictures can be found here.

Absolutely stable without the use of any gyros or autopilots

There are no servos, actuators, rods, links, gears or other moving part

The whole helicopter is operated and controlled by 3 electric motors

Forward flight is achieved by tilting the helicopter with the tail propeller

The rotor blades are encircled by a ring that supports and protects them

It is very efficient, all the power is used to generate lift

It is silent, the mechanical drives and the rotors generate very little noise

There are no vibrations

It is safe

Solar Power Phones

Solar powered phones may be the way forwards in the future. They are requiring more and more power as more functions are integrated, so Fraunhofer researchers have decided to try integrate solar panels in to phones so that they can provide the extra boost needed to keep these things running.

I personally am wanting to see Fuel Cells in mobile phones. They would last for weeks at a time and have instant power if Toshiba and other companies could shrink them down to a small enough size. No doubt Solar panels will help also.


Source: Slashphone.com

USB Turntable

The ION USB turntable allows you to play your old LP’s from whenever… 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and earlier and plays them direct in to your USB port on your PC allowing you to convert your vinyls in to WAV, MP3 and many other formats.


Available from iwoot.com

usbtur_alt1.jpg usbtur_alt2.jpg

* A super sleek adjustable pitch belt drive turntable.
* The turntable includes: –
* A slipmat
* A counterweight
* A platter (no, not for your dinner)
* A USB cable
* A pre-mounted cartridge with Stylus.
* Includes Audacity software for Mac/PC recording as well as a trial of Bias Soundsoap 2 for cleaning and restoring vinyl.
* Line level RCA outputs to connect up to your stereo
* 33 and 45 RPM Buttons (78’s are played at 33 and then converted by the software).
* Adjustable Anti-Skating control for increased stereo balancing
* High speed vinyl recording
* A CD with Mac/PC Recording Software.
* Full instruction manual.
* Suitable for ages 12 years+.
* Requires a PC running Windows 98, 2000, XP, a MAC running OS9 or higher and a USB port 1.1 or higher.
* The USB Turntable is compatible with any software that supports USB audio input sound cards – simply plug it into a spare USB port – it requires no special drivers for Windows (98,2000,XP) or Mac (OS9 and above).
* Please note that the turntable is not compatible with Macs with Pentium chips.
* Size: – Product weight: 12lbs
* Turntable: 42 x 37 x 14.