Sumo Suits

When you were younger… or maybe even now, you might have watched Sumo Wrestling and wondered why they wear that skimpy underwear and are so huge and love to fight each other.

If you enjoyed watching it, but do not fancy doubling or gaining 4 times your current weight to join in then a Sumo Suit is the answer!


The Sumo Suit comes with the costume, crazy weird hat (hair piece thing) and also a small fan in which you insert in the back and it quickly inflates you to Sumo size rather quickly.

Available from


* Sumo Suit and Hat
* Battery operated fan
* Inflates in seconds
* One size fits all (unless you’re already a Sumo wrestler, in which case what are you doing?)
* Requires 4 AA batteries
* 100% nylon. Hand wash cold and line dry. Do not iron.

SSX Snowboarder

iwoot this time bring us the SSX Snowboarder. Have you ever walked around the amusment arcades and seen the snowboarding games, but been too shy to have a go because you might get it all wrong and be laughed at?

Well… you can now have one of these in your home to play the legendary SSX game with.


Available from iWoot for £34.99 – Not a bad price at all!!!

snogam_alt4.jpg snogam_alt3.jpg

* Based on EA’s #1 selling SSX video game
* Ride the snowboard to control the action on the TV
* All you need is a TV or VCR with AV inputs (RF adapter required if your TV or VCR does not have AV inputs)
* AV/Scart adaptor is included
* Maximum weight is 91kgs/200lbs/14.5 stone
* Ages 8 and up
* Batteries: 4 x AA (not included)
* Board 53 x 18 x 4cm
* Control 14dia x 3cm
* UK helpline 0871 222 8278


Twilight Umbrellas have the new Twilight Umbrellas for sale now which are for rainy days and for cheering the mood up when all you see is rain and boring black brollys everywhere.

2 designs are available. The one below is the Red brolly with neon stripes and the other is the Black version with speckles of light over it.

Available from



Eveready Boombox

Someone decided it would be good to take apart a torch and stick a 4 inch speaker in it, connect it to an iPod and power the thing with a Duracell 9V battery… what do you get from that? An Eveready Boombox (sub for those in the UK).

The assembly is quite obvious from what I can see although you will need to figure out how to make the amp. I am sure an electronics geek friend could help in that catagory though. Maybe some ultra bright LED’s should be put at the front also so that it can be used as a torch also.


Link to Components

Samsung Q35

Now this does look good and the price is not too shabby either. Samsung have made this uo core processer the smallest in the world as of the 13th June 2006. The laptop has a widescreen and also a 5 in 1 card reader which comes very handy for digital cameras and such.

The price of the device is less then £1000 which is a good price for something so small and portable.


Asus W3J 14-Inch Duo Laptop

The new Asus W3J core duo centrino laptop weighs in at just 4lbs and puts it’s self in the ultra portable catagory of laptops. The Asus has a 14 Inch screen, a core duo processor and boasts 1GB DDR2 RAM with an ATI mobility Radeon X1600. Bluetooth 2.0 is included and is made from a brushed metal type case. Sounds very swish!


NES Controller Mobile

Now we are talking! Someone has modded an old NES controller and made it in to a mobile phone. The NES controller was taken apart and a Nokia 3200 series phone was also taken apart and both of them put together to make the ultimate in retro mods. Check it out here

nes controller mod.jpg



Solar Powered Helicopter

This German made woddern helicopter has solar panels fitted to the blades causing them to spin when in direct sunlight. Of course it doesnt fly… but does make for a nice knick knack to be sat on your windowsill.


Interactive Dancing Floor

The interactive dancing floor is a funky floor device which has dancing squares as you walk over it or case a shadow over it. See the image below and the video below that.



Spinning LED Displays has made a list of the top 5 Spinning LED Displays. You may have seen these displays dotted around airports and other busy shopping malls. People have decided to make them on their own! Kind of cool but I have no idea how to make them my self.

VirtualGameSystem.jpg _spin_1.jpg _rus4.jpg

Arko DAP

Arko have launched a new MP3 player which looks not too shabby at all. The Arko has the usual MP3 capabilities as well as on screen lyrics, FM radio and voice recording.

You can see a lack of buttons on the device which may effect how easy it is to use, but it is still worth a look at.


Meizu iPod-Like Video Player

Meizu are releasing an iPod like video player (named Mini Player) which from the screen shots looks like it has potential to be a good contender. The Meizu has video, photo and music capabilities which is pretty much standard for a device like this. What makes it stand out is the nice large screen and the sleek looks which it sports.

Display: 2.4-inch 260K color QVGA (320×240) TFT LCD, 100 brightness levels
Memory: 1GB, 2GB and 4GB versions available
Audio support: MP3, WMA, OGG and WAV
Video support: XviD
USB 2.0 interface
Other hardware features: Integrated FM tuner, voice recording capabilities
Other software features: E-Book support, clock, calculator, games
Weight: 55g

The mini player has a claimed 20 hours of audio playback and 6 hours of video playback and looks very similar to the iPod with the chrome back and buttons sunk in to the case.