Pico Flyer

The PicoFlyer is the worlds smallest functional RC helicopter. It’s rotors are 60mm in diameter and the helicopter can fly for around 3 minutes. Looking at the screen shots it reminds me of the insides of a tiny RC car (the Tomy ones) and from what I can tell it’s made of 3 motors (2 for the rotors and 1 for the rear rotor) and charges just like the BitChargE cars.


More Pictures can be found here.

Absolutely stable without the use of any gyros or autopilots

There are no servos, actuators, rods, links, gears or other moving part

The whole helicopter is operated and controlled by 3 electric motors

Forward flight is achieved by tilting the helicopter with the tail propeller

The rotor blades are encircled by a ring that supports and protects them

It is very efficient, all the power is used to generate lift

It is silent, the mechanical drives and the rotors generate very little noise

There are no vibrations

It is safe


  1. Where can I buy one. I hope you have a patent before there’s a copy made.

    • This is what spawned the Micro Mosquito Mini RC Indoor Helicopter. and all the clones that came after it… I remember when I first read about it and waited till it was made and purchased the micro mosquito, very stable and with counter rotating blades, this was groundbreaking!

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