The Mega USB Hub

Now this Mega USB Hub thing truly is Mega. I came across it on Techeblog. It’s no less then a USB Hub to connect 31 of your USB devices to your PC. No instructions or anything on this one. I guess there isnt much else to add to the story except what has already been said… connect 31 USB devices 🙂

usb_hub_1.jpg usb_hub_2.jpg


Buffalo pre-N AirStation Nfiniti


Buffalo has created a wifi router which claims it can transmit at 300mbps on a single channel and 600mbps on a dual channel (tests revealed a lot less although not so shabby 46mbps and 75mbps). However, the device costs around $200 and is out as soon as the 802.11n standard is actually ratified by the IEEE.

ezVision Video iWear HMD from ezGear

ezGear have created a HMD (head mounted display) so you can watch full screen movies on your travels although it’s ideal to sit when wearing one of these 😉


The HMD has the ability to create a simulated 50 inch screen right in front of you (not sure how far away it looks) and comes with iPOD and RCA cables for $400.

I am still not convinced with one of these although it could be something I wear in bed while trying to fall asleep.

Sony Vaio TX3

Sony have released information on their new ultra portable Vaio range of laptops know as the TX3 series.

They will be priced around the $2000 price range, sport many goodies packed in like BlueTooth, Wifi, TV Tuner and more and all that packs in to just a 1 inch think case. Not bad!! Sony have always impressed me with how small they can make things.

The Laptop comes with an 11.1″ wide screen display which I assume will be the nice x-black type.

One other great piece of news is that the battery now lasts around 7.5 hours which in the past has been a downfall of Sony. 10 hours is excellent though and will cover some serious travel between charges.

Flexible Screens? Epson have one

Epson have created a 7.1-inch, QXGA e-paper which is just 0.47mm thick and A6 size (7.1″).

The device can stay active once the power has been removed and uses just 6 Volts to keep it going. I see great advancements with flexible screens over the next few years. I am just curious how flexible this thing is. Can it roll up? Who knows?

iTech Virtual Keyboard

prokey_lg.jpgThe iTech Virtual Keyboard has been around quite a while now in the UK. This small BlueTooth enabled device can act as a keyboard on any flat surface. The iTech Virtual Keyboard projects an image of a keyboard on to the desk in front of you and uses a sensor located at the base to track where your key presses are and then sends them via BlueTooth over to the Pocket PC or Mobile phone etc… which puts it on the screen.

Available from Amazon.

  • Infrared Projector Keyboard – projects a keyboard template onto any flat opaque surface.
  • Runs off mains or battery (2 hour run time per charge).
  • Works with laptops, PC’s, Windows Mobile, Palm OS5 and Smartphone (device must have Bluetooth enabled!).
  • Main unit has sound effects control, intensity of projector keyboard, time out settings (to conserve battery life), key sensitivity.
  • Size: 9 x 3.5 x 2.5cm
  • Specifications:

  • PC Windows 2000 or Windows XP required for installation of drivers onto PDA or other handheld device.
  • Keyboard drivers for PDA or other handheld device or smartphone will be transferred from your PC.
  • Detection Rate – Up to 400 characters per minute.
  • Detection Algorithm – Multiple keystroke support.
  • Effective Keystroke – Approximately 2mm.
  • Battery Capacity – 120 minutes continuous typing.
  • Contents:

  • Infrared keyboard projector
  • Carry case for projector
  • Mains adaptor
  • 2 x mini-format CD-Rom’s for driver installation
  • Instruction manual/quick start guide.
  • LED Tagz

    Tag.gifLED Tagz I guess are the “cool” way of passing on messages to other folks.

    With a few keystrokes you can put a 256 character message on the screen which scrolls your name, phone number, chat up line or what ever you want. You then just throw it around your neck and hope that someone notices 🙂

    Available from

    Walkie Talkie Watches

    Walkie Talkie Watches.jpgSported by the Norwegian Winter Olympics team are this pair of walkie talkie watches which have a nice range of 3km as well as having 300 channels to talk over meaning you shouldn’t get interference. The good thing about these watches is that no licence is required which means you can talk for free to the other watch owner.

    Similar items available from Amazon.

  • A pair of professional PMR watches.
  • A funky, chunky wrist watch design with an antenna that tucks into the watch.
  • A range of up to 3km.
  • 8 selectable channels and 38 sub codes to filter out unwanted signals.
  • A headset with PTT button attached.
  • Voice activation for hands free use (VOX).
  • Auto channel scan and squelch control.
  • Five melody call tones.
  • Compatible with all Walkie Talkies at 446 MHZ.
  • A backlit LCD display.
  • The digital watch has a stopwatch and alarm function.
  • The watches are splash proof.
  • A battery low indicator.
  • No registration or fees required.
  • After the initial 24 hour charge, a full 6 hour charge will provide 40 hours of standby power and 2 hours of continuous talk time.
  • Suitable for ages 8 years+.
  • Requires a rechargeable lithium battery (included) and a mains adaptor (UK adaptor included).
  • Size: – Each watch: 10 x 7 x 5cm.
  • Circumference: up to 7cm.
  • Sony Ericsson P990i

    P990i.jpgSony Ericsson are to soon release their next P series mobile phone the P990i. The new phone will be compatible with 3G networks which is a good move forwards for Sony Ericsson. 3G coverage in the UK is getting larger and with adding high speed to the already amazing P series phones was the right way to go.

    Some of the excellent advances are that it now supports wireless 802.11b, has a built in FM radio, compatible with the following networks… UMTS (3G) + GSM 900/1800/1900 and has the usual BlueTooth, 2M camera. Also new additions are the options of editing Word Documents on the go as well as Excell spreadsheets. The P990i also supports the main email protocols. The P series Sony Ericsson is truly becoming a mobile device for business users and allows for work on the go.

    Accessories available at Amazon.

    Worlds Smallest wifi router – Asus WL-530g

    Wifi.jpgThe Asus WL-530g is the smallest wifi router at the moment that I know of. I came across it today although it has been out for over a year. I still think it’s worth a mention though.

    The cost of the device is £44.95 inc VAT in the UK and available from Expansys.

    A similar upgraded router is available here.

    The router is great for those travellers who like to have wifi as an option such as in a hotel room where the wireless connection may be slower and less reliable then the Ethernet port in the wall. Just plug it in and go!

    The technical specs…

    * WAN Ethernet Port:
    Support: Both Ethernet and 802.3 with Max. Bit Rate 10/100 Mbps with auto crossover function (MDIX)
    Connector: RJ45 for 10/100 BaseT¼br

    * LAN Ethernet Port:
    Support: Both Ethernet and 802.3 with Max. Bit Rate 10/100Mbps with Auto crossover function (MDIX), 4 port switch
    Connector: 4 x RJ45 for 10/100BaseT

    * Protocol Support:
    Network: TCP/IP, DHCP server and client, PPPoE, PPTP, NAT, ICMP, UDP Routing: Static Routes, NAT(onetomany)

    * Management:
    Remote management Save/Restore Configuration files and upgrades via web browser
    Device discovery: Discover all Asus Routers in network and help users to enter webpages
    Firmware Restoration: after firmware upgrade failure, this utility can help save your device

    * Network Protocol:
    DHCP Server, WAN DHCP Client
    Enable/Disable WAN Ping
    DNS Proxy, PPPoE login client support, Big Pond login client support
    NTP support

    * Reset Button: Press for 5 seconds to restore factory setting

    * Applications: UPnP, Exposed Host (DMZ), Port Range Forwarding

    * Firewall: NAT and SPI

    * Operating Frequency: 2.42.5 GHz

    * Data Rate:
    802.11g: 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48, 54Mbps
    802.11b: 1, 2, 5.5, 11Mbps

    * Range:
    Indoor 30 ft (40 m), outdoor (LOS, LightOfSight) 300 ft (100 m) at 11Mbps
    Indoor 80 ft (25 m), outdoor (LOS, LightOfSight) 200 ft (60 m) at 54Mbps

    * Wireless Security:
    64/128bit WEP, WPAPSK

    * Size: 1.75″ L x 5.25″ W x 1.2″ H

    iFire 2CM Thick HD LCD TV

    Electronics company iFire based in Toronto have introduced a super thin (just 2cm) High Def LCD TV. (Image below). The TV is 37″ and weight a light 2.2 pounds which is very impressive!

    Thin TV.JPG

    iFire use a new technology called “thick-film dialectric electroluminescent” (TDEL) and uses fewer materials, thinner glass and fewer electronics then the Plasma screens. The screen uses energy from a Blue light source (a sheet of phosphor) which energise Red and Green pigments and the combination mixing with the Blue displays the picture.

    The unit only costs $300 to make at the moment which gives competition to the other types of screens available. Mass production is planned for 2007.

    100 inch LCD HDTV Display

    Well… look at the size of this huge HDTV. This is the 100 inch display from LG.Philips and looks to be massive! I am sure it has a massive price tag stuck to it also. Currently this is the largest LCD screen at the moment.

    Details can be fonud at The Korea Times