USB Hub Alarm Clock

usb_alarm_clockI really don’t get the point of the USB Hub Alarm Clock. I just don’t remember a time when an alarm clock woke me up and I had the sudden urge to connect up 4 USB devices to it… but I guess the creators have done their research and found there is a need for such a device. With it being an alarm clock you would expect it’s for the side of your bed, but as it’s a hub does it sit with your PC on the desk? If so, doesn’t your computer tell the time anyway? Confusing!

The USB Hub Alarm clock does actually look really good despite the strange part about the USB connectors. It has the ability to show you the time in 25 different cities around the world.

When connecting it to your PC the clock lights up. The device costs $29.99 and is available from Oregon Scientific.

Via: CG

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