Varta Digital USB Battery Charger

varta-digital-rechargerThe Varta Digital battery charger is a device that acts as a normal battery charger in that you plug it in to the wall to charge AA and AAA batteries. However, it also has a 12V car adapter so that you can charge batteries on the go. To make even more useful the Varta also has a USB port that allows you to use your PC to charge the batteries.

Another interesting feature is that you can also top up your MP3 player via the Varta’s USB port.

It’s truly a multi-function charger that should never leave you with flat batteries again. The charger costs £28.08. Product Page Via: RedFerret



  1. dvi adapter says

    The Varta digital battery charger gives the most multifunctional and excellent device to have in your daily life. It is a normal battery charger but still it has the conjugation of multiple, interesting and striking features making it unique. Nice information and thanks for sharing.

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